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Posted By

on 2010-01-14
 Re: IRQ-loaders for the Plus4?

Wow, I had to sink quite a few hours of tinkering to get One Bit Wonder to work, but I think I have solved all problems now.

The strange thing is that I can't get it to work if I relocate the resident code (that is the code on the computer side, I know that the drive code should be where it is), don't know why, I think they should work anywhere in mem but they don't. Ah well, I can leave them where they are.

Also I kept having the problem that it loaded one byte less than it should all the time (even with the original binary posted here). So I made a small 'fix' in the drive code, and it seems to be working, but to be honest I am not all that good with drive code, so I might have done something stupid.

Anyone have contact info for the original author (TNT/BF), maybe he could help me out?

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