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Posts by V., Gábor (Skoro)
Posted ByTopicPosted OnTime
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Shaun Southern's videochat interview2017-10-2602:40:36
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: New game Bomb Runner 22017-07-2310:54:07
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Mr. Mind!2017-05-0101:43:36
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Gunfright for Plus4, C64 & C1282017-04-0705:15:36
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: New Bauknecht game at BCC #112017-02-2603:13:05
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Retro videogames exhibition - Kiskunhalas - 10-11. szeptember 2016.2016-09-1209:38:35
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Crackers' Demo 5!2016-07-3103:45:51
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Pac-Pac!2016-07-1311:09:08
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Majesty of Sprites II the lands of Zador2016-03-3109:20:54
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Ladies And Gentlemen, Her Majesty The Bitmap Softsprite!2015-08-0203:51:26
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Evoke 20142014-08-1606:48:38
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: "Sgt. Helmet Zero" Hits On Plus/4!2013-11-0509:30:07
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Insane new demo in Bauknecht quality2012-08-1213:21:09
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Arok 13 Wrap Up2011-09-2809:00:27
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: New demo2011-04-2405:19:27
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: "Adventures in Time" published by Psytronik2010-11-2208:21:34
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: New Game Released: Adventures In Time!2010-04-2302:30:18
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Árok #112009-08-2512:17:10
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: limiTED2 - official thread2009-03-0407:31:08
V., Gábor (Skoro) Re: Merry Christmas Everybody ;-)2006-12-2508:25:53
V., Gábor (Skoro) Csabo-nak Skoro-tól2002-06-20
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