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SceneCon 2003 Party Pictures!

SceneCon 2003 took place in Salgotarjan, Hungary between 4-6 of July. These are the pictures taken by Lavina of GOTU at the party. The following people attended the party from the Plus/4 Scene: BSZ, bubis, Coyote and his wife, Jeva, Lavina, MC, Murphy, Sensor, TLC. A new Plus/4 demo was released and entered into the retro compo at the party: Metapharstic. It took 2nd place! Csabo (although could not attend) has entered the multichannel music compo and took 3rd place.

Assembling the plus4 corner at the party. (From top to bottom: MC, Coyote, TLC)

Bubis and MC are drinking beer.

Sceners at the party (mainly PC).

Plus4 is up and running... Let's PARDEEEEY!!! (That's TLC and Coyote on the picture.)

Murphy and MC (sitting).

Bubis maestro is coding away (MC in the background).

MC maestro is trying to open another beer.

Lavina and Jeva watching plus4.emucamp loading nicely on Jeva's mobile. :)

Bubis, (Coyote's wife), MC and Murphy are heating up the plussy and the YAPE on TLC's laptop.

Duel of digital cameras (new guy on the pic is BSZ of NST).

Coyote is playing on the plussy.

A little joke...

MC you lamer! :-)

BSZ of NST posing for the Faces of the Scene gallery.

BSZ and SENSOR of NST in a heated debate.

SENSOR of NST posing for the Faces of the Scene gallery.

Pardey feeling...

All the Plus/4 guys at the party: Coyote and his wife, MC, Murphy, bubis, BSZ, TLC, Sensor (not shown: Lavina, taking the pictures).

Oldschool plus4 graphician Jeva watching the new possibilities of plus4 gfx.

I think he was amazed! :) (Next to Jeva is DEY, a member of the C64 scene.)

Demo shown on the projector. Bubis's new gfx mode received great ovation from the audience!

The Trophy
And finally here is the beautiful trophy that Metapharstic won on the retro compo! Congratulations guys!

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