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Back In Time Live 3
Back In Time Live 3

Greetings and welcome to this humble gallery the proves I'm not worthy! For the first time and I've wanted to do this since the dawn of Back in Time live parties I took a lil camera. Yet again I was wasted by the beer and my minor efforts to bring some of the magic back to web almost failed, ALMOST!

So you want the truth? Ok.. It all started at 6:40am, out of bed for the England game. 1/2 time was bath time and by this time (Tick Tock) england were 2-1 down (sob). No time to watch, the trip to Mort's and beyond was on.

Some 130-ish miles later near London I arrived at Mort's home. Food was calling and with Mort still busy burning his Zzap CD's I did a runner for some grub. The shop was only around the corner, but I never found it and ended up running into the town center :-)

Back at base camp (Mort's) it was time to gaze at his awesome retro collection and we even had time to play Rambo before the train was due! So onto the train and into London we go and as soon as we arrived Darron Broad phoned on the mobi. The dude was coming along as hoped and would meet up with us in a couple of hours. Great! The trek onto Oxford street via Burger King and CEX took up and hour or so and around 16:15 I was on the blower to Mark @ the Archive to let him know we was a coming. Soon after Darron phoned and again, and some more because asking a tourist for directions was hopeless ;-) But as luck would have it Darron was in the pub and on the phone again asking where I was. DOH! out side texting you ;-) Crazy start to the day and here goes (gulp).

Click on each preview for a full sized version to pop up.

The Def guide to beer :-) Mort from Def Guide to Zzap64 on his first pint of the day and taking a well earned sit down after burnning CD's since the early hours. The pub in the background was called the "ALL BAR ONE" just over the road from Gossips Nightclub.

Here's a shot of me (Lando) taken by Mort.

Everyone meet Darron Broad! If you dont already know this is the dude-developer of Tomcat and Taskforce for the Commodore C16/Plus4! Darron was keen to see what a C64 could do in a nightclub, the shock of how many fans would turn up was yet to come :-)

Biggest Jim, the first man to own Mort's Zzap64 scans CD on the planet! He had to smile before Mort would let him have them and a great shot it made! :-)

Here's a real reminder of what Gossips Nightclub was all about. This was before the party started so I slyed this piccy in. Most people never came out alive! ;-)

David Whittaker holding Terra Cognita, G-man and Danger Zone for the Commodore C16/Plus4. It might of been a C64 music bash but this dude composed some rocking jingles and SFX on these 3 games! David also said Commodore asked him to write a game for the C16/Plus4, he couldn't remember its name but knew it was a space shooter and had a scrolling background! The guess is anyone's and off the top of my head I thought of Space Sweep. Ummm.

This piccy is a lil blured, but so was I :-) Holding me up was my good friend and once neighbour on the emucamp server Lee Bolton of Peek'n'Poke.

Lee and his girl friend Debbie line up for a piccy which came out sweet. Amazing I could hold the camera still ;-)

Darren Izzare is one of the regulars at these Back in Time beer ups. The dude never stops to smile :-)

Darron Broad and Lee Bolton pose for a piccy, but little did they know the camera flash came from me before they realized the piccy had'nt yet been taken ;-)

Darron cant believe how many people have turned up. Around this time there was close to 300 and we were standing right at the back watching Press Play On Tape perform a real cool remix of Flimbo's Quest on guitars :-)

Mark @ the Archive show's everyone how to keep cool because the heat from some 300 people was almost suffocating. Hey and big thanks for the T-Shirt Mark, just the job m8 :-)

This is Mark's brother who's just come back from watching "A curry eating Yak in London". He said the munch up was quaility, burp! :-)

Camels at the Edge of Time team pose for a piccy.

Darron getting stuck in and telling folk about his amazing home made cable/software setup so he could assemble his code on a Commodore 64 and copy it back over via the joystick port to his Plus/4! Amazing what Darron got upto just to bring the likes of Tomcat to our machine.

Jeff Minter (Yak) the shaggy man him self! Looks like he was the victim of his own shearing day back on the ranch. Flossy's Revenge ;-)

Yak was asked how much curry he'd just eaten ;-) This was a sly piccy from me. I've bugged the man for far too long and dare not ask him for anything else just incase
he wanted his Llama jacket back ;-)

Alex Aris the dude who gave me Hyper Sports for the Commodre 16. By this time I was well out of my head and Alex had to have his piccy taken twice. Grrr! The second time I managed to keep still, but little did I know he had his eyes closed :-( Sorry dude!! It's been a while since I got Hyper Sports from Alex and as always big respects. So for you and those of you keen to see the C16 version it's available for the first time online in tap format right here. It's a 360k Download. Cheers Alex!!

Me again. This was a test shot with out the flash at 4:30am not long after BIT3 had finished. As you can see all the lights are still on and day light was on it's way. This is me in Zombie mode, still drunk and wondering how the hell I'm gona keep awake.

This time the piccy with the flash on came out ok. Mort suffering the same as me and still buzzing from what went on at BIT3. There was still and hour and a 1/2 to wait before our train would arrive so we went for a walk around town ;-)

Tour de London. This over sized bike wheel (The London Eye), which cost the county loads was under going early morning safty tests so we could'nt have a go (sob).

London isn't famous for Big Ben any more!! Infact if you've played MRS on Dreamcast or Project Gotham Racing on XBOX you know full well it exists in a computer game much of the year :-) I did take a number of piccys of this section of the Westminter track just so I could compare notes with Bizarre Creations master piece when I got back home. Impressive I have to say! You'll also see that Big Ben is showing 5am or just past the hour and London is best viewed at this time of day, almost empty streets!

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