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Lavina's Party Pictures
These photos were taken by Lavina of GOTU at the 4ever03 party in Szeged, Hungary. The party took place on 5-6 September, 2003.

The Pictures

MC, Gaia, Ninja, Paul , Harry. We start the pre-party.

Cheers! Beer tastes good with Luca and his girlfriend.

Crafty, Paul, Harry and Ninja also taste the beer. :-)

Nukeman stays at vodka-orange.

MC is getting tired. I get a new beer. Nukeman talks. :-)

Paul is smoking, Harry is talking.

Nukeman and Luca are chatting.

Nuke, my wife and Paul are watching the early pictures.

Luca and Girlfriend. VINI VIDI VICI :-)

Harry, Crafty, Maugli

Luca and Gaia.

Maugli and Nuke are chatting.

Luca likes Hungarian paprika very much.

I can hold a real c116 at last!!!

On the left is Jimy.

Ati and W-man, representing GS.

Nuke and Gaia.

I'll never organize a party again, you llamas!

Ninja and Bubis.

Harry and TCFS.

MC and his girlfriend are making some nice sandwitches, TCFS is the quality controller. :-)

Left corner is Fred.

Some other machines took the risk and sneaked into the black party.

And we had to check it out!

Long time no see! Nuke and LaViNa.

TLC noticed me taking this photo. :-)

Lots of guys gathering around the wonder machine of BSZ. The mainboard of the plussy is built into a PC house. What you see is only keyboard.

GAIA tries it.

Moldi and MC.

Stinky and Rachy arrived.

Just in time for Nuke's show of his pictures from Australia.

TGMS and Maugli

DCD and Moldi

Luca, Jimy and Harry drawing for the gfx-compo

So as Murphy

Watching TCFS's Lemmings show

The same

Ninja: -hmm beer is good.

Paul, TGMS, Jimy, TCFS and Maugli are playing Tron against each other

Impy and Harry are watching.

TLC and Impy are discussing something. (Impy is holding my copy of the famous BABAN-MASA book)

It's time to check out TLC's C116.

Everybody likes it.

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