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DXYCP in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - DXYCP
NameRelease DateNotesAreaCharacter sizeItems
56 DxycpsUnknownUse joystick to change parameters. 8x5 pixels56
Sparkling1990 8x5 pixels32
MB Megademo1990-03-15 8x5 pixels28
Digital Brainstorm1992-01-19 8x5 pixels32
Multy Demo 3199024 chars, joystick changes both speed and wave. 8x5 pixels24
Thunder1991 8x5 pixels 
5 Years Pluvi Party Celebration1993 8x6 pixels30
5 Years Pluvi Party Celebration1993Circlescroll16x166x6 pixels 
Lame Demo1990-09-26 5x5 pixels25
Häuslich2008-08-24 8x6 pixels32
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21 8x532
Lame1994Over a logo   
17 Years1991-03-28Over a logo.   
High Technology1992   
Chaos2005-02-28Wall-bouncing circlescroll while loading.  8
Hexen Hexen1991  10
10 Years +41994-10-23XORing even with a central logo.  30
Oh Yeah!1992-10-23   
Crime Time1992-10-11   
Crackers' Demo 21991-04   
Unassuming Demo1991   
Unit 611992   
Great Change1991-02-06   
Crying Fit 21992-03-13Changeable parameters.   
Terrible Page 011991DXYSCP.   
Terrible Page 021991-08-01DXYSCP.   
Oldschool 22010-07-17A big DXYSCP in overscan mode.   
Gigademo (220V)1991Circle scroll, character "7" looks bugged. 2x210
Tape Directory1991-10-14   
30 found.

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