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Galactic Battle
Title:Galactic Battle
Category:Game/Shoot'em up
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:(n/a)
Coded by:S., Tam├ís (TCFS)
Notes:A game for two players, no trainer needed.
Download from Plus/4 World
Plus/4 World
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Download from TheOldComp
User Rating: 3.6/10 (3 votes)
Galactic Battle Title Screenshot

Galactic Battle Screenshot

Editor Mode
The program asks for playing or level editing as "Start or Editor?"
Press 'S' to start the game or 'E' to enter the editor mode.

In the Editor mode you can edit the first level of the game. Press the arrows left/right to change the shape of current block can be seen on the top left corner. By pressing the space the current block can be written into the game field. Press the Backspace key to delete your last level item.
You have to fill the entire level with blocks to exit the editor and to start the game. You cannot interrupt the level editing mode.

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