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Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
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Released by:Terrorists (TIT)
Converted by:R., Álmos (Rachy)
Notes:The original game is "Zombi". Two versions exist, this is the tape version, which is chronologically the latter one (1990).
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    C64 release
    Amiga release
    ZX Spectrum release
    Amstrad CPC release
    Atari ST release

User Rating: 7.5/10 (6 votes)
Zombie Title Screenshot

Zombie Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Description, Map: Commodore Világ 24 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 25

TitleCreated byPlatformHomepageNotes
Zombi RemakeWindows
Remake inspired by the ZX Spectrum version.

The original game is "Zombi", a title which is a straight reference to Dawn of the Dead movie: "Zombi" is the title assigned to the Italian distribution of the movie, and consequently the same for the French one. The game duplicates several large slices of the movie's scenario.

Characters were named after the creators of the game.

This is the tape version. The disk version presented before this, mainly shows a much larger icons panel, and a proper ending picture.

Pointer Flaw
In the original version, clicking on the inventory switches the pointer arrow into a hand and vice versa, to indicate when an object can be placed somewhere on the screen. In the Plus/4 version the original C64 hardware sprite was replaced with an all-purpose pointer arrow, and unfortunately the new arrow doesn't change into something else when an object is selected. This makes it difficult to understand how to perform this action, so keep this in mind when the game would demand for more precise moves.

Solutions - Complete
Block the exits
Click on the helicopter's door to open it and push the top icon to get in. Get Alexandre to drop the keys. Go down to the third floor with Patrick and get the petrol can and the gloves from the cupboard. Then use the lift to get down to the office on the second floor's passage between the hallway and the stairs. Get the keys and go up to level four in the lift. You'll find three keys there, one per lorry. The first key is for the lorry at the very back of the supermarket. Come out of the lift and keep going backwards until you're outside. Then press left and you'll see a truck. Click on the door and get in. You'll see a switch in the cab with a line on it. Click this to turn on the ignition. Then push the right pedal and the message "Door blocked" will appear. Drop the key and choose a new character. Go up to the fourth floor. Get the next key and go down to the first floor. When you come out of the lift go left twice and then forwards until you're outside and repeat the above procedure with this truck.
Choose a new character. Get the last key and go down to the first floor. Go back once and then right twice. You should be outside. Then push right and repeat with this truck. Now with the last character, go to the sports shop at the third floor and get the rope. Go to MacDonalds at second floor and open the window. Use the rope and one character will climb up. Go back onto the balcony, use the rope and another character will climb up. Go to the general store and open the window. Use the rope and the last character will climb up. Now all exits are blocked.

Replace the fuse
To replace the fuse first get a fuse from the electrical shop. Give this to the person with the gloves. Get another character to fetch the torch from the box in the general store. Take these two people down to the basement. All windows must remain closed or zombies will get in. Use the map to reach the fuse box with the two people. Only move them into the place where the torch is. At the fuse box use the gloves and put the fuse in the box. Now go to level four. Push the button on the computer and the lights will come on.
Next all you have to do is collect all the corpses and drop them into the freezer in the basement.

Steal the fuel
After this a new type of enemy will appear: men with rings on their fingers. These are the Hell's Angels. Now get the person with the petrol can to go out through the rear exit and turn right. You should see their van. Click on the petrol cap to open it. Now go back to the garden shop, get the hose-pipe and go to the van. Click on activate with the hose showing and the message "Petrol can filled" should appear. Go to the chopper and use the can to fill the tank. Now just kill all the Hell's Angels, deposit the bodies and get all the characters to the chopper. Use the character with the keys to fly the chopper and it will take off, soar above the zombies: you've won!


Load this .FRE file as snapshot in YAPE emulator.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
>9D9A 00Unlimited time
>B734 00Unlimited energy

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