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Type DIRECTORY (or LOAD"$",8 and then LIST) and press ENTER to see disk contents. Type LOAD"filename*",8 to load a specific file!
Or enter the menu by pressing ESC and shift+ENTER to autostart games from there.
Commodore +4 games start with uppercase, C64 ones with lowercase.
LALT + 1-3 : set window size
LALT + I : switch emulated joystick port
LALT + L : switch among emulators (C+4 cycle based; C+4 line based; C64 cycle based)
LALT + M : enter console based external monitor and disassembler (currently deadlocks!)
LALT + P : toggle CRT emulation
LALT + R : machine reset (press Shift+F11 for hard reset)
LALT + S : display frame rate on/off
LALT + W : toggle between unlimited speed and original speed
LALT + ENTER : toggle full screen mode
LALT + F5 : save emulator snapshot
LALT + F6 : load emulator snapshot
ESC : enter/leave menu
PAUSE : suspend/resume emulation
Joystick buttons are the arrow keys and SPACE
Resize canvasLock/hide mouse pointer    

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