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Type:Scene member
First Name:
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Country: UK
Social:[ YouTube ]
Total posts:540 (Last post: 10 months)

Hall Of Fame
1Invasion 2000 AD26,880Played on a real C16.
1Dirty Den75,950Score achieved via YAPE emulator (completed)
1204826,872Played via YAPE emulator.
1Big Mac294,226YAPE emulator.
1Timeslip407,100Real Commodore 16.
1Saboteur!$36300YAPE emulator.
1Saboteur! C16$27300YAPE emulator.
1Punchy333,859YAPE emulator.
1Auf Wiedersehen Monty3,200Played via the Yape emulator
1Terra Cognita11,410Yape Emulator
1Skramble70,490YAPE emulator.
1Tom Thumb37,500Played via a real C16
2Pheenix12,888Played on a real C16
2Summer Events/Pole Vault6.00Played on a real C16.
2Summer Events/Skeet Shooting240Played on a real C16.
2Summer Events/Platform Diving120.84Played on a real C16.
2Summer Events/Weight Lifting315Played on a real C16.
2Majesty Of Sprites4,980Played via a real C16 with 64k expansion.
2Slipstream11,088Played via a real C16 with 64k expansion.
2Tutti Frutti34,665Played on a real Commodore 16
2Xargon Wars611Hi-Score achieved via the YAPE emulator (4 ships)
2FloodIt13,195YAPE 1.0.4
2Squirm161,383Real Commodore 16.
2BMX Racers40,345Real Commodore 16.
3Auriga11,075Played on a real C16.
3Hektik7,780Played on a real C16.
3The Frog3,140Played on a real C16.
3Speed King/Monza4:35:08Played on a real C16.
3Summer Events/Butterfly01.46.1Played on a real C16.
3Legionnaire4,600Played on a real C16.
3Runner10,558Hi-Score achieved via the YAPE emulator.
3G-Man1,662Played via the Yape emulator
3Tower Of Evil13,330Played via the YAPE emulator.
3Ikari Warriors40,200YAPE emulator.
3Xzap16,577Real Commodore 16.
4Mr Angry Dude336Played on a real C16.
4Invaders5,210Played on a real C16.
4Summer Events/Javelin66.33Played on a real C16.
4Summer Events/Cycling1:32:7Played on a real C16.
41010!1,052Played on a real C16+64k
4Auto Zone10,880Score achieved using a real C16.
4Galaxy244,029Score achieved with a real C16.
4Fire-Galaxy133,620Hi-Score achieved via the YAPE emulator.
4Harbour Attack2,097Played on a real Commodore 16
4Galaxions10,800YAPE emulator.
4Moon Buggy39,050YAPE emulator.
4Monkey Magic12,360Real Commodore 16.
5Invaders (Livewire)2,060Played on a real C16, meh...Invaders 2000 AD is still the most superior, most playable Invaders clone.
5Formula 1 Simulator92,520Played on a real C16.
5Demolition513Played on a real C16+64k
5Winter Events/Bobsled1:11:3Played on a real Commodore 16
5Myriad11,185YAPE emulator.
6Winter Events/Speed Skating0:51:8Played on a real Commodore 16
6Fingers Malone£122.34YAPE emulator.
7Winter Events/Ski Jump104.7Played on a real Commodore 16
8Kikstart20,717Played on a real Commodore 16
8Winter Events/Biathlon7:38:3Played on a real Commodore 16
12Pac-Pac3,243Played on a real (faulty) C16+64k. Game freezes for me here on hi-score entry screen. Soft reset/runstop and G1010 restarts it.
59 found.

Releases by Baz
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSize
Escape From Raka-Tua +4Game/Adventure2012-07-29English64K
1 release(s).

Williamsburg Adventure 64

About Me
I first recieved my Commodore 16 back on its release of Christmas 1984. This was my first proper entry into the world of computers.

I eventually upgraded to a Commodore 64 in 1987 but the C16 will always hold a special place.

Since I got back into the retro gaming scene properly in 2005, I am now a proud owner of both machines again, and have since internally upgraded my C16 to 64KB RAM.

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