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Posted By

on 2017-11-01
 Re: Let Us Make Your Dreams Come True Together (lumydctt)

Thanks. Your wish (Map/Tile) is checked! By the way I think that you all (at Plus4World) are not average users, because the new generation is not interested in this retro feeling. They don't know it at all and don't want to understand it. They are only interested in stupidity, alcohol, cocaine, absolute vodka, smartphones and facebook. (and maybe pussies, cocks, sucks, licks, jerking, creampies, etc.)

Thanks for this remark. Your eyes like an Eagle's ones. Your (and SVS) wish (Double Pixels) is checked right now! By the way, I like chatting with Hungarian people, because they are very good at criticizing. This was not only a hope, maybe you were drunken... the matter of fact multicolor means a color mode that consists of more than 1 color... So this is a multicolor image! On the other hand YOU ARE RIGHT, because it was not that resolution you said and this was my fault! But I kept the previous version of editor and extend it with the followings:

Multicolor + Map/Tile + Double Pixels = Multicolored Double Pixelled Tiled Mapped editor

Here you are LUMYDCTT v2.0.8:

Thanks you all for these ideas!

Have a good Multicolored Double Pixelled Tiled Mapped designing!

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