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Posted By

on 2017-07-24
 Re: Issue with Soccer Boss +4

I'm currently testing the fix, my current findings:

The fix fixes the "Illegal Quantity Error In 3716" error and allows the game to now be played. I have currently played 8 league matches plus a cup game. The game would always crash after the third league game with the illegal quantity error. The fix has created a couple of off side affects. 1) The first league game you play is against a blank team name.
2) After the third league game and any further game there is now a small hang before each match (I'm guessing this is the fix in play).
3) When the league results are shown after each match it is only showing between 1-3 of the potential 10 league fixture results.

Maybe useful information for anyone that has the knowledge .

Good work JamesC .

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