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Posted By

on 2017-06-04
 Re: How to upload my old Commodore Plus/4 programs on this site?

OK, don't worry, be happy!

What are you doing in Canada? It's your new home and you forget all about Hungary(?)

Anyway, thanks for your work with my member record. So can you try to guess the others thoughts? (making screenshots, etc.)

"ted.d64" is in Hungarian, not English. (I created Hungarian accentuated letters for it.)

...and you can mention "Turbo Vision 4 BASIC" and this may be the third release (it's need for a real member ) of me in emulation section. (description TV4B.PDF 3,36MiB and the full program (with programs, descriptions and utilities) is 11,4MiB --> Work:TV4B)

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