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Posted By

on 2013-04-06
 Re: Octasoft Basic 7.0

With RSBANK(n) where n=0..3 you can configure where the sprite sheets (the sprite images) are located:
0 = $0000-$3fff
1 = $4000-$7fff
2 = $8000-$bfff
3 = $c000-$ffff
In each bank there are 256 pieces of 64 bytes large sheets (a'la in c64, where you have to select a bank in VIC and you may select 0-255 sprite images which are 3*21 byte+1 garbage).

"MOVSPR n, x, y" : move the sprite #n (1-8) to x, y absolute coordinates.
"MOVSPR n, +/-deltax, +/-deltay" : move sprite #n by deltax, deltay pixels.
"MOVSPR n, l; angle" : move sprite moving to given l distance with direction of angle (0-360).
"MOVSPR n, speed # angle" : move sprite to given direction (angle 0-360) by given speed (0-15).

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