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Posted By

on 2012-08-10
 Re: Combing Text and freely placeable bitmaps on screen

Hi George,

If you use emulator (I prefer Yape) and you're developing a disk based game then I can show you a way how to avoid saving your prg files again to disk (I assume you mean D64 files here). In Yape (and other emus as well) you can emulate a floppy drive by not only attaching a D64 file but by a complete folder. So, instead of copy all the necessary prg files onto d64 to test it, just put those prg files into a folder, then configure Yape to use that folder:

Yape/Settings/Drive 8 setup.../Drive emulation = 1551 Drive emulation (IEC level/performance mode)

Then configure the "Selected IEC drive working folder" to your game folder.

This way the file extensions of the filenames become the part of plus4 filenames. What I mean:
There is a "game.prg" file in that folder. Querying DIRECTORY in Yape you can see "GAME.PRG" and can load with LOAD"GAME.PRG" command. You may adapt your code to use these modified filenames (in development time only!) or remove the file extensions.


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