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Posted By

on 2012-02-02
 Re: Last Ninja questions

Converting the C64 version with the ~same visual enjoyment is impossible. The c64 version uses 3 different colors per char, plussy has only 2... And one color of the 2 fixed colors should be black (for player, items, enemies) which also does not help the graphician because there are levels where almost no black in tileset. This means plussy should use 2+1fixed colors for graphics and 1 fixed (black) for objects.

Check Integrator on CSDb how the c64 bitmap built from tiles.

Anyway, we could have a Last Ninja +4 if we develop our own version and doesn't try to compare with the C64 version. If you check the BBC Micro version, it uses multicolor graphics with 4 colors (starting level: green, yellow, red, black). Ours could be far better than that!
Or the Spectrum version which uses monochrome graphics... I prefer the BBC micro version of these two...

There is also an Apple ][ version which is multicolor with only a few colors but different ninja graphics (than the BBC version).

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