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Posted By

on 2008-06-16
 Re: Upcoming XeO3 Demo Level....

Ship speed VS Coin lifetime VS checkpoint thing:
(I know, some minor things were changed since this release, some others are discussed already, this is just a demo level, etc.)
My ship is soo slow that when I shoot distant enemies with that two bullets, there's no way to reach the coins... So, let the enemies come nearer to me to catch their coins (and rename the game to Kamikazeo3 ... But I'm soo slow I can't flee when I miss a shot and no more bullets to destroy the enemy in front of me. So, practically, I never collected enough coins to "purchase" a weapon powerup. So when I died (and restarted the level, arrgggh), this "Restart but don't lose all powerups" thing didnt help me

Don't refine things on your own experiences only (I know that's why you asked our opinion), you played it 1000x times, knowing every corner and step of enemies... But we simple gamers sometimes miss a shoot (so no more bullets for a while), please leave us some percents to make faults but survive.

All-In-One, its a very good demo, lots of work in it, we, Plus4ers are proud of it, proud of you! Some minor polishing here and there... Perhaps there's no problem with the demo but I have to learn playing with it...

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