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Posts by B., László (Lacus)
Posted ByTopicPosted OnTime
B., László (Lacus) Re: 14 New Programs From Sanya2017-03-2402:35:28
B., László (Lacus) Re: C16 Poker2016-07-1512:28:50
B., László (Lacus) Re: Botticelli hardware-key2016-06-1100:24:59
B., László (Lacus) Re: Botticelli hardware-key2016-06-0502:51:05
B., László (Lacus) Botticelli hardware-key2016-06-0410:21:26
B., László (Lacus) Re: Composite video to VGA converter2016-03-0611:11:06
B., László (Lacus) Re: Composite video to VGA converter2016-03-0514:06:51
B., László (Lacus) Composite video to VGA converter2016-03-0512:01:48
B., László (Lacus) Re: After an unexpected 52 hour downtime...2015-03-3102:29:03
B., László (Lacus) Re: Ultimate Map V1.82014-03-2308:42:33
B., László (Lacus) Re: Diagnostic cartridge2014-03-0209:13:15
B., László (Lacus) Re: Diagnostic cartridge2014-02-2713:30:58
B., László (Lacus) Diagnostic cartridge2014-02-2711:40:56
B., László (Lacus) Re: D64 explorer2014-01-2603:17:51
B., László (Lacus) D64 explorer2014-01-2514:49:48
B., László (Lacus) Re: Plus/4er needed for a pickup in Szeged or Budapest2014-01-2010:27:49
B., László (Lacus) Commodore Plus/4 programs2000-02-14
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